Date and place

Dates: 10 (Monday) to 12 (Wednesday) July, 2023

Place: Campus Lettres, Sciences Humaines,
            23 Bld Albert Ier
54 000 Nancy (France)

     10-minute walk from the railway station. Participation online is also possible

On 13 July (Thursday) there will be an excursion to Metz



How to take part

If you are interested and would like to propose a paper and/or register:
1. Create your account in the left column (either under the "Submission" or the "Registration" tab)
2. Under the "Submission" tab, submit your paper proposal
3. Under the "Registration" tab, fill in the registration form and pay the fees online. If you need an invoice, please request it from (mail address)

Organizing team

Centre de Recherche Universitaire Lorrain d’Histoire (CRULH – ER 3945)*

The Centre de Recherche Universitaire Lorrain d'Histoire (CRULH) brings together teacher-researchers specialising in the fields of history, archaeology, art history and musicology. The four periods of history are represented (ancient history, medieval history, modern history and contemporary history). The approach adopted by the CRULH's work consists of bringing together periods and disciplines in order to identify new issues and areas of investigation, and to encourage reflexivity on disciplinary practices. The comparative dimension is also at the forefront of the laboratory's missions and scientific objectives, and its geographical location places it in a privileged position to examine questions relating to borders. The CRULH also has the task of responding to the demands of local institutions in the scientific promotion of heritage.


For more information write to: Isabelle Guyot-Bachy,



Partner teams from the University of Lorraine

Analyse et Traitement Informatique de la Langue Française (ATILF, UMR 7118)

Écritures (UL-EA 3943)

Histoire et Culture de l’Antiquité et du Moyen Âge (HisCant-MA, EA 1132)

Interdisciplinarité dans les Études Anglophones/Interdisciplinarity in English Studies (IDEA)

Littératures, Imaginaires, Sociétés (LIS)

With the exception of ATILF (CLCS Cluster), all the partner laboratories of the University of Lorraine belong to the TELL Scientific Cluster (Time, Spaces, Letters and Languages) which supports the event.



External partnership

Symposium organized with the support of SAPRAT (Knowledge and Practices of the Middle Ages) – EPHE, PSL




Partner laboratories

Partner laboratories

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